Habeshawi clothing


My favorite animated series, Boondocks, served as the inspiration for the Face of Habeshawwi drop.

It's no secret that there are similarities between the faces you see here and on the show if you've watched it. As a die-hard fan of original narrative telling and animation, Boondocks ranks among my top five favorite shows.

The Face of Habeshawwi was developed by myself and one of the best sketch artists and graphic designers, Eyoel Kassa. Using a Boondocks animation technique on top, the faces are representations of Habesha faces and their reaction. With the FOH series, we'll be dropping a lot of new designs in the future.

Habeshawwi is all about a straightforward design with a contemporary touch and cultural narrative telling. This design features strong graphics and a faint nod to a magazine cover. Also, we made an effort to add a hint of ukiyo-e design to our artwork by merely using it as a font. Maybe you'll like what you see and come back for more.